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About Me, Traci November 11, 2018 14

Diary of a Momma Bear – Why I Pulled my Kids

This post is different. This is my story; it happened to me. So a couple disclaimers before you continue. 1.) This…

Reviews July 23, 2018 1

Book Review ~ Where the Shadow Lies

One of the crappy things about being an editor is that I’m constantly critiquing whatever reading material is in front of…

Editing, Writing May 30, 2018 4

Happy Housekeeping!

Aaaannnndddd there goes May. That was quick. I love the month of May. It’s my favorite. The first reason is because…

Plotting, Writing January 12, 2018 7

A Winning Beginning

I was going to make New Year’s resolutions, but I forgot. I had a few of them, actually; I should have…

Writing November 30, 2017 14

Take a Glock to Writer’s Block

Confession time! Okay, me first. Here goes. My name is Traci Finlay and I absolutely and irrevocably suck at time management….

About Me, Traci October 22, 2017 24

The Last Few Weeks

I took a hiatus. From everything. Social media, social functions, society in general. A lot of things have happened in the…