Miracles, Blurbs, and So Much Love…

Miracles do happen, kids. My blog, which bit the dust over a year ago, has risen from the dead. It’s back and larger than life, my website has been refurbished, and I am now writing blogs as not only an editor, but an author. 

The Rules of Burken, as you know, released back in April, and I delved into that journey blindly and with zero expectations. The outcome was more glorious than I could have fathomed. Not only did I learn so much about the publishing process, but I was brought to tears way too often by the raving feedback from readers. They got me all shook. Shortly after publication, Tantor Audio reached out and wanted to buy the rights to make an audiobook. Shawty be shook some more. And good things just keep shaking…

My next book, The Falling of Stars, comes out September 3rd, and we’re about to embark on the rollercoaster-esque promo campaign. And by rollercoaster-esque, I mean that I’m literally utilizing this calm before the storm to write this blogpost.

I wasn’t going to post the synopsis until the cover reveal on August 15th, but what the heck. Time’s a blur, anyway…

When a high school freshman commits suicide, everyone at Liberty School of Excellence is shocked—especially Eve Hunter, who is not only the English teacher at Liberty, but also a friend of the victim’s family. Although devastated, Eve is prepared to offer her love and support. 

But when the grieving mother discloses her theory that her son was secretly bullied to death at school, Eve is conflicted. Not at a prestigious school like Liberty, Eve is certain. Regardless, she agrees to do some underground (and possibly illegal) investigating—even if that means risking her career. After all, the pain of losing a child trumps that of losing a job.

Eve isn’t the only one delving into secrets. Her son, Malik Hunter, is a sophomore at Liberty whose perfect life is a perfect lie. Behind his good looks, straight A’s, and the facemask of his football helmet, Malik battles a crippling depression. But someone sees through it all. Someone who reaches out to him on LibertyNet, the school’s online intranet. Someone who seems to know Malik better than he knows himself. Someone evil.

Eve believes a cyberbully may be lurking in the dark realms of LibertyNet.

Malik knows there is.

Unless anybody in this household is willing to reveal their secrets, someone could end up falling over the edge … literally.

Like Burken, this book has been sitting on my hard drive for a minute. Not as long as Burken; I wrote this book right after Hurricane Irma in 2017. If you read my blog post from back then, you know that I fell into a deep depression after that storm. 

I’m pretty open with my mental instabilities and that’s because I’m in control of them. I recognize them and know their tendencies and patterns and can divert them when they manifest—much like teachers with their students. So when I say this book is a product of channeling that mental warfare, know that all my demons are standing in a well-organized row behind me, nodding their concurrence. 

They be like, yup.

My biggest hope for this book is that it finds people who struggle with this unseen and stigmatic terror, as well. That they can look at this pile of words and hear me saying, “Yo, I see you. I understand you.” Because people don’t give credit to that word—understand. Nothing is as comforting and cathartic as hearing someone say, “I understand.” It soothes wounded souls more than we realize. 

Anyway, enough of that sappy crap. If you enjoyed the synopsis and like a good psychological thriller, The Falling of Stars is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo (soon to be on iBooks). The ebook is currently listed at $2.99 for preorder, but will be $3.99 upon publication. So save that buck and buy that shit. Paperbacks will be available for preorder August 15th

Also, check out my new website when you get a chance! Carrie is the bomb! And take a trip down memory lane and reacquaint yourself with my old, old posts. I’m so happy they’re back! Golly, I love words…

‘Kay. I’d love to hear from you! Tell me stuff. Have you read Burken? Will you read Stars? What kind of blog posts do you want to see? It’s been a bit since I wrote these, you know, because they died and all, but we’re like The Backstreet Boys.

And here was where I intended to insert a “Backstreet’s Back” meme, but I couldn’t find one where they spelled “all right” correctly. And so I can’t bring myself to do it. Apparently I have to go tend to my demons now–specifically the OCD one. It’s climbing out of the Editor box I crammed it in. Excuse me…

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  1. BLESS YOU for not caving into “alright.” I’m going to make a poster of you, hang it in my classroom, and make my students genuflect to it every day.

    I loved The Rules of Burken and can’t wait for The Falling of Stars!

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