Welcome to my Website!

If you know me, you know that I’ve written, blogged, edited, and reviewed for many years now, just off the grid.

If you don’t know me, it’s true — italics never lie.

I’ve finally buckled down and created this website to keep everything in one place (mostly for your benefit, but it comes in handy for me now and then).

You’ll also find updates on my own journey as a writer. So scroll, click, read, and enjoy, and if there is anything you need, contact me. Looking for info on my books? Check them out here. Oh! And go follow me on all the things (links at the bottom of the page)!

My Services

Editing Services

I can edit your writing for you – manuscripts, articles, papers, you name it. Light edits, fat edits, whatever you want. Just check out my editing services page and shoot me an email from the link listed below.

Book Reviews

I’ll post book reviews in my blog from time to time, so if you’d like some free marketing for your (published) novel or just want to know whether or not a book is worth reading, let me know. I’ll take one for the team.

Contact Me: Traci@tracifinlay.com